Tournament Teams

UpdatedThursday October 6, 2022 byDGSA.

What is the Tournament Team?  How does it compare to Summer League?

The tournament team is a more competitive experience than summer league.  These teams travel to nearby cities (usually within 60 miles) to play against other league tournament teams.  Tournament teams exist for U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16 (not U6).  Players that play on a tournament team also have to play in the DGSA Summer League during the week.  Tournaments are usually on the weekend.  Most teams participate in 4-5 tournaments (weekends) from May through July.  If you have any questions about tournament team play, please reply to this email and you can be connected to a coach from last year to ask additional questions.  

8U - 12U Tournament Team registration info located here.

14U - 18U Tryouts will be held in July 2023!